Saturday, November 14, 2009

goodbye singapore

alright, the day has arrived.. i am starting to feel queasy *gulps* and nostalgic S=

but since my fate is already sealed, i shall keep a positive thinking!

blogspot & blogdrive are both blocked in china (together with facebook of course), i shall find another blog site..

so long, folks! take care~

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Saturday, October 24, 2009

stolen time

fortunately i have mc to cover me, it's as if i had stolen time..

i finally went to the bank to update my signature, and hence could apply giro for my insurance payments..

supposed to go to the china embassy for my visa application today but found out that i need this "visa conformation letter from an economic and trade bureau or a foreign affairs office of the provincial or municipal government".. what the hell is that??

colin had told me to go for the business visa, or tourist visa if it is easier to apply.. well, tourist visa requires a copy of your round-trip airline tickets plus hotel reservation, which i obviously do not have.. he mentioned asking mr chai or cs to help me write a letter from the company stating that i will be outstationed for x months in china office but still under tiongseng's employment blah blah..

asked ong to help coz mr chai had consultant meeting.. ong helped me to call up HR dept for the letter format and stuff.. but we could not make it for today coz the embassy stops giving queue number at 1130am..

and i still do not know what is the "conformation letter"..!

ok, then i decided to apply for a credit card.. yes, having worked for 2 years++, its hard to believe i DO NOT have any credit cards.. so i'll be applying for DBS's Live Fresh, since it looks fresh (hur hur).. its an ezlink card with visa paywave and EMV security (as if i know what that is) features.. well it sounds decent, and its visa.. my DBS NUS debit card is mastercard.. plus, "sign up today and get 5 years waiver" haa.. and my nus debit card gonna expire next year..

i hope they still have the bundled promotion with the amex black card *cross finger* that card is chio~ eh but the stupid thing is, i cant apply online!! they are upgrading the forms.. argh.. looks like i have to make a trip to the bank again tomorrow..

candy came over at 2pm to hand me the new policy booklets and some receipts.. signed the giro form and did a super housekeeping of all my insurance documents.. have been keeping crap for the past 2 years! anyway she bought me ice cream which is supposedly good after tooth surgery.. then she gave me a lift to ah ma's house..

i thought, since i am free, may as well visit her.. she must be very upset that i did not turn up as promised last sunday.. so all the more i should go today!

of coz she was surprised to see me.. told her i went to extract wisdom tooth and am on mc.. she didnt look too well, pale and stoned.. she kept complaining of giddiness, i dont know whether it is psychological effect? she tends to imagine things.. we didnt talk much, i didnt know what to say either.. i just sat by her side and held her hand.. i think this is what she needs - company.. i hope my presence made her day.. afterall i am her (self-proclaimed) favourite grandchild..

ah ma has been taking care of me ever since i was born.. she would wake up in the middle of the night to make milk for me (yah coz my mum is a working mum).. she brought me to school, bought breakfast for me (while ah gong taught me how to write and played magic tricks to cheer me up when papa scolded me) i am such a blessed child..

now that i have grown up, it's time to repay her.. since she fell ill in july, i have been visiting her every weekend.. sad to say, most of her grandchildren only visit her once a YEAR, during chinese new year.. papa always say, ah ma is already in her 80s, how much time has she left?

so i have made it a point to make time for her no matter how busy.. i guess even if its for 10 minutes, its better than not going at all.. and when i am there, i will talk to her, though she cant hear me well.. even if i just look at her quietly, stroke her hand.. as long as she knows, i am there..

now the granddaughter who visits her regularly is going away.. i could see sadness in her eyes, but i cannot cry.. i have learnt, that i cannot cry in front of ah ma.. on the 2 occasions when ah ma was hospitalised, my tears flowed the moment i saw her lying on the bed in the hospital gown.. but i have come to realise that if i cry, ah ma would think that her condition is very serious.. so i have to be cheerful and joke about it, so as not to affect her.. and it is true that her condition is not very serious, i was just too emotional, seeing ah ma like this.. 心疼

last weekend, she handed me this thick jacket of hers for me to bring to tianjin.. she said it is too warm for singapore.. i accepted it in order to make her happy.. it is a maroon ah ma jacket, but i guess i'll bring it along (= ah ma is worried that i cannot take care of myself.. she has 1001 things to remind me.. but what made me 辛酸 is this..

ah ma: ah ma ai xi liao
me: mai luan gong wey
ah ma: wo xi liao ka ho la, wa ji dao do bo lang
me: wu wa!
ah ma: li, li do ai ki tiong kok liao
me: *dont know what to say*
ah ma: ah xi li meng wa, wa xi mm gam wan hor li ki
me: *still dont know what to say*

i will webcam ah ma every week, show her my big penthouse, at least she will feel better, i hope.. ah ma, yi boon jin sayang li!

and i left ah ma's house for dinner with serene 1.5 hours later.. its a mc well-spent!

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

goodbye wisdom!

or half my wisdom haha

yet another decision made under a tight time frame.. since the toothache in bangkok, i finally dragged my feet to the dentist, only to discover that my condition is "very serious"

"how old are you? 25? normally we only see this condition in 50-year-olds, you are only half the age!!"

*gasp* is it all that bad? weak gums, worn off bones, lotsa dental stones, and big gaps between teeth as a result...

but they look healthy and normal to me leh

nevertheless i did an x-ray as advised.. doc said my lower right wisdom tooth is slanted (yah i knew that 10 years ago when i wore braces).. but till today it is still pushing the teeth (plus i never wear my retainer la, all the teeth shifted.. damn, wasted all my money) so of coz he advised to remove, before i go to china, which, i don't know anything about their dental services..

if i want, i have to do it these 2 days coz next week i'd be busy when colin & melvin are back.. and i shouldnt do just before i fly.. and coincidentally they have another appointment today at 330pm, i could do at 4pm..

it was about 10am and i have to decide before 12noon.. called linc, chunli, xiong (but couldnt get thru), weixin, mummy etc to get opinions.. went back to office to ask see jun about it as well, since she just extracted hers recently..

general advice is to remove.. i also thought, better to do it before i fly, no harm mah so i called to confirm appointment..

but the more people i ask, the more i find it amiss.. they all did for about $600-$800.. but my dentist quote me $1200-$1500 for surgery of lower + $300 for extraction of upper, thats double the price!

see jun paid $700 2 teeth extraction - ok la hers is not surgery and its at AH
linc paid $700 for 2 teeth surgery, but that was many years ago at private clinic
candy paid $1800 for 3 teeth surgery & 1 extraction hmmm
gen paid $1500 for 1 teeth surgery & 2 extraction..

over lunch with hy & gen, they kept saying i could do it cheaper ANYWHERE.. but time is not on my side.. gen even called up her clinic to help me ask for quotation.. $600-$1000 and there was a slot at 4pm for consultation..

sekali they see my condition then say its $1500 also leh? and i even have to pay another $50 for x-ray..

in the end i went to check out linc's clinic since its near to home and if it fails i can still rush back to my clinic..

$400-$450 per tooth...!! CHEAP.. haha.. the nurse told me they are cheaper than most clinics.. yah, and i can see why.. the clinic has no aircon, its like those old style kopitiam lor.. and must pay by cash.. AND, they have no slot today nor tomorrow..

meanwhile i called my clinic to postpone appointment, to buy some time lah.. but they dont have slots tomorrow.. i asked about the charges.. and then i was enlightened.. finally i decided to go for it, at 430pm

firstly, the clinic is air-conditioned, with comfy leather sofa, plasma tv, nice music and of coz NEW high-tech equipment.. then, i could pay by medisave, so usually they jack up the price.. lastly and most importantly, the surgery is done by an ORAL SPECIALIST, not just a GP.. tadah~ although i dont really need the op to be done in 15mins instead of half an hour but ok.. i know what i am paying for..

you could say that it just so happens that the only dental clinic in my neighbourhood is this expensive one, but i really had a nice experience lah.. no pain! and staff are all friendly.. of coz i remember to take a good look at their displayed charges..

wisdom tooth surgery - $850-$1500 - no gimmicks!

plus, i googled

"As for rates, depending if you’re getting a Specialist Oral Surgeon to do the operation; it can range from $800-$1500 just for the surgery. If the operation is done by a G.P.(General Practitioner) it could range from $600-$900."

extracted from

just to make myself feel better lah haha! ok, time to change gauze and take medicine~

*5 days mc* but i brought work back to do lah...

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Monday, October 05, 2009

the turning point of my life

today, i made a very important decision, all by myself..
i did consult my parents, uncles, friends, but the ultimate decision still lies in me..

i am going to work in tianjin for 2 years..
colin first asked me last saturday, whether i am interested in overseas assignments..
of course i am! in fact i've been dreaming of going abroad.. seeing friends go for overseas training, site visits while i am stuck here, i guess i do crave for that chance to see the world..

and it came knocking on me today.. i had lunch with colin to clear some doubts about the posting..

"even if i decide to go, i might not be selected right?" since he has 4 candidates in mind,,
"no, you'll be the one going.. i have already selected you."

he went on about me being the "best fit" for this role, simply because my chinese is better than the rest.. haha, so it DOES help! of course, it has to do with my character as well(=

alright guys/gals, i dont know who reads my blog these days.. i will be leaving on 1st nov.. prob wont be there for 2 whole years, i reckon company will give me 2x return air tix per year.. anyhows please come and visit me! i already have 3 orders! muahaha..

take care folks.. take care ah ma, papa, mummy & weixin!

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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

to you

thanks for listening to me, always.. without fail (=

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Saturday, August 22, 2009

SAFRA Bay Run 2009

EVENT: 10 Km Run Women
DATE: Sunday, August 16, 2009
TIME: 1h:36m:51s (gun) / 1h:35m:55s (net)

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

the crowned one

i have taken a fancy for crowns since dunno when..
subconsciously coz my name means 'the crowned one'?

one of these days.. when i am crazy enough.. i would tattoo a crown on my lower back~

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Friday, July 10, 2009

lost ship

sometimes i really envy those who know what they want in life...

on a side note, ALEX TAN IS BACK!!!!! *beams*

do you know how much we miss you? hahaha.. and as promised, i will organise a nice gathering just for you! (=

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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

super suay june

this has to be the suay-est month of my life...

using the "broadband on mobile" thinking it is free internet from kbox - $451.64
calling chunli in china without dialing 019 in front for 10m 06s - $14.04
a long overdue visit to the dentist due to immense throbbing pain in my gums - $169

for the non-monetary side..

went to bangkok because yf said she could host me.. suay suay her phone spoilt, she had to go repair so i had dinner alone on e 1st night.. and next day she dropped another bomb saying her exam was on the coming monday so she had to mug during the weekend..

so i ended up travelling with chunli's fren, shevonne, her sis, janice & janice's fren ruiting.. tagging along.. they are very nice to me but i still feel kinda awkward at times.. and then, came the stupid throbbing toothache-turned-gum-pain.. i think i had a total of 8 panadols there.. **note: shopping was still in progress during pain HAHA but still.. then on the 3rd day i woke up with an unpleasant surprise.. for the 2nd time in my life it has come early (first time was in sri lanka!!) *stomach cramps* ARGH.. how more suay can i get?

and the answer is... to have heavy downpour when you are walking to platinum shopping mall, and while running in the rain, your contact lens dropped out.. and then when you finally reached the mall, you find that the shops were CLOSED.. at 8pm!!!!!!!!!!


people. please note that platinum shopping mall closes at 8pm, not 10pm, if you are going to bangkok..

ok, i hope this entry ends my suayness too.. back to work, from home.. *quarantined*

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Sunday, June 21, 2009

a vexing week

all i wanted was a nice holiday.. didnt expect H1N1 when we booked the tix, who would? din expect chun to have to extend her work trip in shanghai.. din expect to pull out last min.. and leaving me with so much admin work to do.. on top of my work load.. plus having to visit ah ma coz i promised her, plus meeting up with e cocks to celebrate bin's bday.. plus my insurance that has been bugging me for weeks..

ARGH... need a break... but break is driving me buts also..

woke up with a sprained neck, GRRR.. last week sprained back, now sprained neck..

i have no mood for the trip.. am just visiting yanfen.. gate crash her lessons maybe.. go for a nice massage.. mayb i shld just still in her room to play games.. THAT, is good enough a break for me, really..

and when i come back, i have to quarantine myself i guess? for e good of all shelfordians.. need to discuss with colin tmr.. unpaid leave?

haiz.. headache neckache

and i just teared from reading this

a poor single mum whose 4-year-old daughter has cancer.. they are trying to raise USD$350,000 for her op in NY.. i thought of "wo yao chang xia qu"'s prize money.. $500,000.. if only the winner would donate?

out of point.. they are doing fundraising.. i am thinking of doing something for them too.. but i am too vexed about my own stuff currently.. when i return ba, when i have my 7-day quarantine.. i will do my part for charmaine & cynthia..

thinking back.. what i had was really a tiny operation and i was already so nervous.. she is such a brave gal..

ok let me go settle the hotel cancellation and chun's air tix first.. packed schedule today.. dunno if my dad will go if i bring them out for dinner? and my bro is still not back yet!! after roaming in msia for a week plus.. maybe that's the reason why i'm vexed.. coz my bro is not here to hear me )=

weixin, where are you? i miss you )=

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